Setting the right toll

We in transport economics generally say roads are underpriced and travel is heavily subsidized by society at large. As a result, we over-consume travel. The solution is raising the price of travel. One way of raising the price of travel is tolling new roads rather than letting them be free. Scenario: A privately owned toll road […]

The Transportation Experience: Second Edition

The Transportation Experience William L. Garrison and David M. Levinson are pleased to announce the publication of their book The Transportation Experience: Second Edition The book is available for order at Oxford University Press (see Flyer for 20% discount),  Amazon, iBooks,  and Barnes and Noble ISBN-10: 0199862710 and ISBN-13: 978-0199862719 Book Description The Transportation Experience explores the historical evolution of transportation modes and technologies. The book […]

21 Strategies to Solve Congestion

So your city has traffic congestion. Welcome to the club. Congestion not only wastes time, it increases pollution and crashes.  While this undoubtedly annoys you as a traveler, it could be worse; your city might not have congestion because no one wants to be there. Still, it would be great to have a thriving city […]

Transportationist – Most Popular Posts of 2015

It’s the end of the year, time to look at some rankings. These are the top 10 posts by views for 2015 according to my WordPress stats. Elements of Access: Induced Demand (by Wes Marshall) Job Accessibility: Cars vs. Transit (an infographic by Rachel Junken) Piece of Mail Handled| The End of Traffic and the Future of […]

Published Articles

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Research Projects

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Completed Ph.D. Degrees Lei Zhang (February 2006) Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Dissertation:  Search, Information, Learning, and Knowledge in Travel Decision-Making: A Positive Approach for Travel Behavior and Demand Analysis Feng Xie (November 2008) – Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Dissertation:  Network Growth and Ownership Organization Nebiyou Tilahun (February 2010) – University of Illinois at Chicago Dissertation:  Matching Home and Work: Job Search, […]

Elements of Access: Constant Travel Time Budgets?

By Kay Axhausen One of the most famous claims made about travel behavior is that the time spent on it is constant over the years (Zahavi, 1974). This a claim made for whole populations not individuals, where personal introspection and observation tells us, that the time spent changes with age, family responsibilities, new workplaces or […]

Forgetting Faster Than We Learn

There are many players in the world of transport policy these days. On net, this influx of new actors into the policy, advocacy and planning realms is likely a benefit, but does offer some concerns. One thing that I see again and again is that new entrants and existing players in the world of urban […]

We don’t pay enough for transportation

In the United States, drivers (and parenthetically transit users … but this post is about drivers) don’t pay enough for transportation. As a result, drivers use too much and have misleading anchors about what prices “should” be.  When drivers  are shown and charged the actual cost of things, they are surprised, and not a little bit disgruntled. An illustration: […]