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Cross-posted at Access by Nice Ride Access by Nice Ride by David Levinson on April 21, 2014 in Bicycling I took my first Nice Ride last week. I had ridden a bicycle before, and I had used bike rental before (though not one of the modern automated systems), and I had used transportation vehicle “sharing” before (see e.g. ZipCar and Car2Go with mixed […]

CNN 10 Ideas: Self-Driving Cars

I get quoted by Todd Leopold of CNN for one of their  10 Ideas: Self-Driving Cars Yes, flying cars and portable jetpacks are still, for the most part, the province of science fiction. But another popular sci-fi idea, self-driving transportation, is rapidly becoming reality. It’s no secret that Google has been working steadily on an automated […]

Car2Go – A Review (updated)

I am a skeptic of carsharing. I have used Zipcar in the past, but stopped due its inconvenience and cost. Minneapolis has a new system that has gotten good reviews, so upon the urging of some fellow transportationists, I used Car2Go today to go to a meeting at MetroTransit (hoping to maximize irony). I reserved […]

Linklist: March 16, 2012

Two related points, the first from Pedestrian Observations in Surreptitious Underfunding Not all “transit” funding is really for transit and the second from Getting Around Minneapolis in Do Bloomington, don’t mind the Pedestrian Barriers Not all “pedestrian” funding is really for pedestrians. Two related points from San Francisco, where land is scarce: Wired: Scoot Bringing […]

Linklist: February 23, 2012

TechCrunch says: Strategic Sharing: Zipcar Leads $13.7M Investment In Campus Car-Sharing Startup Wheelz: “Well, you have to hand it to the strategy team over at Zipcar. Arguably the largest on-demand car-sharing network, Zipcar went public last year and not long after saw its market cap cross $1 billion. It’s since fallen back, and with collaborative […]

Transportation at TED

Some TED Talks about Transportation Bill Ford: Shai Agassi Robin Chase Sebastian Thrun Dennis Hong Dean Kaman Paul Moller Gary Lauder Jaime Lerner Steven Levitt

Nice Ride Minnesota launches

Nice Ride Minnesota launched recently, it is a bike sharing program for Minneapolis. Some photos of one of their campus, and their Dinkytown site are below. They seem to have more bikes than Zipcar has cars, which befits our position as one of the best cities for biking. I even saw someone using it. The […]