Fixing the Intersection of Broadway and City Road

In the second half of 2017, I supervised a first year undergraduate student Tingsen Xian on an independent student project to redesign the intersection of Broadway and City Road in Sydney. At one corner of this intersection is Victoria Park (lower left) and the University of Sydney (just off site), at another is the Broadway Shopping […]

Fixing the 280 |

Minnesota 280 was first opened in 1959, an element of a freeway network that was not fully realized. It was designed before Interstate standards became standard.  It is an important route, providing access from I-94 west-bound to I-35W northbound, a link that is otherwise missing from the network.  Wikipedia writes: Highway 280 was authorized on […]

First do no harm: Cities and infrastructure as living systems |

Cross-posted from First do no harm: Cities and infrastructure as living systems  First do no harm: Cities and infrastructure as living systems by David Levinson on March 25, 2013 in Plans Cities, and the infrastructure networks that bind them, are alive.Wikipedia says: Life (cf. biota) is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that […]

Moving Forward Framework (take 2)

The previous version of this post was eaten by WordPress. A reader writes: “The U.S. House [Transportation and Infrastructure Committee] came out with its pre-election transportation policy: The Moving Forward Framework, and access measures made it into what is otherwise a high-level policy document (with no hint about how they plan to pay for their […]

On the ‘need’ for road funding.

Lots of numbers are thrown around about “need” for road funding. For instance, in Fix It First, (2011)   we said a “National Cooperative Highway Research Program [“NCHRP Project 20-24(49): Future financing options to meet highway and transit needs.” Table A1] report finds an annual need of $188.4 billion in 2007 dollars to maintain existing highway infrastructure, of which $109.8 […]

On transport funding in the new administration (updated)

Updated November 10, 2016, 18:34 CST. Laura Bliss over at CityLab writes “On Tuesday Night, Transit Was Victorious — Cities committed to paying for the rail and bus systems they want. But a Republican-led Congress might threaten that.” She then wrote: “What U.S. Transportation Policy Could Look Like Under Trump“. Apparently I was in fine, fine […]

Hillary Clinton’s Infrastructure Plan

Likely future President Hillary Clinton released her infrastructure plan (PDF version) back in November, but I am just paying attention to it now. This is far more detailed than many Presidential plans and suggests someone who is in the field (though more likely an advocate or lobbyist rather than an academic) drafted it for her. Notably it […]

Policy Papers and Reports

Published White Papers Levinson, David (2022) Governing for Access. report for Urban Development Institute of Australia – New South Wales. UDIANSW and Levinson, David (2022) South West Sydney Rail Link Extension Report: An Accessibility-Oriented Case for City Shaping Infrastructure Levinson, D. (2015) Modernizing American Transportation Policy. Prepared for Conservative Reform Network. Zador, Paul and D. Levinson […]