A Physicist Turns the City Into an Equation

This NY Times article has been making the rounds A Physicist Solves the City Now that the city is solved, I guess we can all go home. Apparently physicists have discovered larger cities (1) consume more resources, and (2) possess some economies of scale and agglomeration er “superlinear scaling” (cities increase in per capita productivity […]

Intercity Bus: Jefferson Lines

Strib has an article on Jefferson Lines, a local Intercity Bus company: Jefferson Lines: Flying low Traffic on daily roundtrips has risen from 16 passengers a day between Duluth and Minneapolis when Jefferson took over from Greyhound in 2004 to about 90 a day. And that’s before Jefferson added two more express routes last week. […]

Demolition Means Progress

From the NY Times: An Effort to Save Flint, Mich., by Shrinking It I worked in growth management back in the day, but now Berkeley has a program called “Shrinking Cities in a Global Perspective Program”. Overall, it seems a shame to let all that sunk capital and infrastructure go to waste, and the wasted […]

The Infrastructure Stimulus Debate is Joined

Via Megan McArdle, the Infrastructure Stimulus Debate is Joined: Brooks vs Avent Bashing on Brooks The point of the upcoming Surface Transportation Reauthorization is not really noted, though the lobbyists are certainly out (e.g.T4America) My take (1) The existing surface system (buses, rail, highways) is mature, it will not cease to be mature by throwing […]

Causes of Death Are Linked to a Person’s Weight

From the NYT: Causes of Death Are Linked to a Person’s Weight “Linking, for the first time, causes of death to specific weights, they report that overweight people have a lower death rate because they are much less likely to die from a grab bag of diseases that includes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, infections and lung […]

KOSHER Transportation Funding

We need KOSHER Transportation Funding, Transportation legislation that prohibits pork. This New York Times article: Campaign Funds for Alaskan; Road Aid to Florida describes the problem. Local officials in Florida are receiving funds for a road they do not want, and are being blackmailed to accepting it with the threat they won’t get other funding. […]