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Podcast #66 – Riding the Green Line with David Levinson | streets.mn

I appear on the streets.mn podcast with Bill Lindeke.


green line 3The podcast this week is a conversation with David Levinson, a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota [ed. Twin Cities, not Duluth]  . David is also a co-founder and regular writer here at streets.mn, and his work focuses on transportation networks and measurements efficiency for different road and transit systems.

We sat down last week in a very special place… in a pair of seats on the rear car of a brand new Green Line train.

We hit record right when we got on the train at Saint Paul’s Union Depot and hit stop as we exited in the new Interchange station by Target Field in Minneapolis. So not only did we have a great conversation all about David’s research, the pros and cons of the Green Line, and the future of transportation in the Twin Cities, but this podcast also has scientific value as a temporal measure of our trip.

Plus we got to have a random conversation with the pleasant fellow in front of us in the LRT car, who had taken Twin Cities’ “transit system” all the way from Apple Valley. At one point he asks us, “Have either of you two ever been to a city with a good public transit system?” So there’s that.

The link to the audio is here! Thanks for listening.

T2_P2 Podcast

This past Monday I interviewed Dr. David Levinson about transit and transportation policy in Minnesota.You can listen to our conversation on The Theater of Public Policy podcast:https://itunes.apple.com/ie/podcast/podcasts-danger-boat-productions/id731640767?mt=2

AsymCAR 7


I am pleased to report that the podcast AsymCAR # 7 is now out, wherein I talk over Skype with by Horace Dediu and Jim Zellmer about lots of things for about an hour from peak (and declining) travel, the nature of cities, through to tech deployment, power trains, and electrification.


The TransportationistDavid Levinson (@trnsprttnst) joins us to discuss the technical, human, environmental and economic factors driving change to the auto-ecosystem.

David helps us smartly survey the landscape via:

1. Human behavior
2. Technology lifecycles
3. Urban transportation evolution
4. Network capitalization
5. Congestion

30mb mp3 about 61 minutes.

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From The Rise & Fall of Infrastructures by Arnulf Grübler: