IT Conversations

My talk in May at Mesh Forum on the Economics of Transportation Networks is now online at IT Conversations.

Visual Representation of “Lessons From The Transportation Experience”

Artist Eileen Clegg made visual representations of the talks at MeshForum. Mine is
Eileen Clegg's interpretation of Lessons from The Transportation Experience

Summary of my talk at Meshforum

Howard Greenstein summarized my talk on “Lessons from the The Transportation Experience at Meshforum. Thanks for the notes, I always wonder what I actually say when I give a talk, and what others think the salient bullets are.
Random Thoughts from HowardGr: Meshforum – David Levinson
— dml

Visual Complexity

The website has some really nice transportation graphics, which I became aware of after seeing Manuel Lima present at Meshforum. In particular, the travel time remapping of the London Underground is quite slick.