Assessing the Benefits and Costs of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Assessing the Benefits and Costs of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Edited by David Gillen and David Levinson Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Published by Springer (ISBN 1-4020-7677-0)


The 17 chapters in this book, which evolved from a conference on measuring the contributions of ITS sponsored by the California Department of Transportation in February 2002, examine the costs and benefits of ITS in an economic and business policy context.

Section 1 examines the broad theme of how and what ITS contributes to the economy and how one makes a business case for ITS. Section 2 includes three chapters on ITS applications in mass transit. Section 3 explores ITS applications in the automobile/highway system. Section 4 considers integrative issues including how ITS is perceived and how it can be positioned to improve surface transportation.

This volume will be especially useful to researchers and policy makers working in transportation, transportation engineering, and the economic analysis of transportation systems.

Written for

Researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in public finance, regional science, economic policy, and transportation analysis

Table of Contents

1. Assessing the Investment in ITS: An Introduction – David Gillen and David Levinson

Part I: ITS and Transportation Services in the Economy

2. Public-Private Partnering: ITS in Highway Investment – David Lewis
3. Benefit measures, values, and future impacts if ITS – Dan Brand
4. Making the Case for ITS Investment – Douglass Lee

Part II: Intelligent Transit

5. Bus Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems – Mark Hickman 
6. Case Study: The Impact of Advanced Technology on a Small City Bus System – Edward Sullivan and Jeffrey Gerfen 
7. Beyond Benefits and Costs: Understanding Outcomes of ITS Deployments in Public Transit – Genevieve Giuliano, Thomas O’Brien 

Part III: Intelligent Highways

8. Traffic Signal Control Systems – Alex Skabardonis 
9. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Ramp Meters: Evidence from the Twin Cities Ramp Meter Shut-off – Lei Zhang and David Levinson 
10. Electronic Toll Collection and Variable Pricing – Mark Burris
11. Freeway Service Patrols: A Stated Preference Analysis of Insurance Values – Pavithra Parthasarathi, David Levinson, and David Gillen 
12. Advanced Traveler Information Systems: Relationships to Traveler Behavior – Asad Khattak , Felipe Targa, Youngbin Yim 
13. Travel Time Reliability : Using Real-time Loop Detector Data to Estimate Mixed Logit Route Choice – Henry Liu, Will Recker and Anthony Chen

Part IV: Integrating ITS into Transportation Practice

14. Traffic Management Systems – Wei Chen and David Levinson
15. Advanced Traffic Management System Data – Robert Bertini 
16. ITS in Europe: An Economic Evaluation – Reinaldo Garcia 
17. Mainstreaming Intelligent Transportation Systems: Findings from a Survey of California’s Leaders – Elizabeth Deakin
18. Information Systems to Improve Surface Transportation: Directions for Intelligent Transportation Systems Assessment and Development – Tom Horan