Applications of Access

Applications of Access, David M. Levinson and Alireza Ermagun, editors

Now available: Applications of Access.

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Our open access book Applications of Access, edited by David Levinson and Alireza Ermagun has launched!

Applications of Access was inspired by our belief that planning should reach beyond mobility and incorporate all intricacies of reaching your destination. We set out to publish a book examining topics such as (1) Equity and social justice, (2) Resilience and crisis, (3) Active transport, (4) Public transport, (5) Auto travel, (6) System performance, and (7) Project evaluation.

But this book is not intended to simply be a “how to” manual, but rather to inspire researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to spark a broader array of research and practice in the nexus of transport access.  
This was a labor of love that included the work of many of our colleagues and thought leaders in the transport community. We are thrilled to finally be able to share our work with you, and we hope to embolden our greater transport community to examine access through the many lenses that impact our daily commutes and quality of life.

Table of Contents

1 An Introduction to Applications of Access
Alireza Ermagun and David Levinson 15

2 Fostering Social Equity and Inclusion
Pâmmela Santos and Geneviève Boisjoly 23

3 Justice, Exclusion, and Equity: An Analysis of 48 US Metropolitan Areas
Chelsey Palmateer and David Levinson 45

4 Disparity of Access: Variations in Transit Service by Race, Ethnicity, Income, and Auto Availability
Elisa Borowski, Alireza Ermagun, and David Levinson 69

5 Access During COVID
James DeWeese, Kevin Manaugh, and Ahmed El-Geneidy 87

6 Access to Shelters
Mahyar Ghorbanzadeh, Kyusik Kim, Eren Erman Ozguven, and Mark Horner 105

7 Access and Centrality-Based Estimation of Urban Pedestrian Activity
Brendan Murphy, Andrew Owen, and David Levinson 117

8 Which Station? Access Trips and Bikeshare Route and Station Choice
Jessica Schoner and David Levinson 133

9 Cargo Bikesharing as a Last-mile Connector
David Duran-Rodas, Aaron Nichols, Benjamin Büttner 149

10 Spatio-temporal Transit Access to Food Stores
Xiaohuan Zeng, Ying Song, and Na Chen 165

11 Multi-destination Access
Andrew Guthrie and Yingling Fan 193

12 Non-work Vehicle Trip Generation from Multi- week In-vehicle GPS Data
Arthur Huang and David Levinson 217

13 Job Access and Spatial Equity of a Toll Road
I Gusti Ayu Andani, Lissy La Paix, Shanty Rachmat, Ibnu Syabri, and Karst Geurs 239

14 Access and Transit System Performance
Alireza Ermagun and David Levinson 261

15 Intraurban Access and Agglomeration
Michael Iacono, Jason Cao, Mengying Cui, and David Levinson 277

16 Transit Access Performance Across Chicago
Fatemeh Janatabadi, Nazanin Tajik, and Alireza Ermagun 291

17 Interactive Access for Integrated Planning
Anson Stewart and Andrew Byrd 307

18 The Role of Transit Service Area Definition for Access-based Evaluation
Chelsey Palmateer, Alireza Ermagun, Andrew Owen, and David Levinson 327

19 Access-based Evaluation of Transit-Oriented Developments
Chelsey Palmateer, Andrew Owen, and Alireza Ermagun 347

20 Physical and Virtual Access
Tanhua Jin, Long Cheng, and Frank Witlox 363

Editors and Contributors 377

Bibliography 387



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