Access to Destinations

Access to Destinations

David M. Levinson and Kevin Krizek are pleased to announce the publication of their new volume: Access to Destinations

Access to Destinations. Edited by D.M. Levinson and K.J. Krizek
Access to Destinations. Edited by D.M. Levinson and K.J. Krizek

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Published by Elsevier (ISBN 0080446787)


Much of land use and transportation planning today aims to reduce traffic congestion. However, the barometers typically used to measure congestion provide only a snapshot of a select dimension of a city’s transportation system and fail to accurately reflect how easy it is to reach destinations. Comprehensive and policy relevant measures useful to land-use and transportation planning need to capture both land use and travel dimensions.

This book focuses on the science and policy around the multi-modal concept of accessibility. If the goal is to create physical environments that are accessible, this work provides an up date account that can advance empirically grounded research and planning practice relating to accessibility.


Part I: Overview.

  • Congestion and Its Extent. (R.L. Bertini).
  • Congestion and Its Discontents. (J.L. Gifford).
  • Place-based versus People-based Accessibility. (H.J. Miller).
  • The Transportation-Land Use Policy Connection. (G-J. Knaap).
  • Perspectives on Accessibility and Travel. (K.J. Krizek).
  • Planning for Accessibility, In Theory and In Practice. (S. Handy).

Part II: Behavior and Measures.

  • Current Determinants of Residential Location Choices: An Empirical Study in the Greater Columbus Metropolitan Area. (Moon Jeong Kim, H. Morrow-Jones).
  • Evaluating Measures of Job-Housing Proximity. (J. Yang, J. Ferreira).
  • Examining the Spatial and Social Variation in Employment Accessibility: A Case Study of Bus Transit in Austin, Texas. (M.W. Horner, J.N. Mefford).
  • Parcel-level Measure of Public Transit Accessibility to Destinations. (B. Ho-Yin Lee).
  • Paving New Ground: A Markov Chain Model of the Change in Transportation Networks and Land Use (D. Levinson and W. Chen)
  • Accessibility and Freight: Transportation and Land Use – Exploring Spatial-Temporal Dimensions. (C. Woudsma, J.F. Jensen).
  • Accessibility in the luci2 Urban Simulation Model and the Importance of Accessibility for Urban Development. (J.R. Ottensmann).

Part III: Applications.

  • An Accessibility Framework for Evaluating Transport Policies. (F. Primerano, M.A.P. Taylor)
  • Modeling Accessibility in Urban Transportation Networks: A Graph-Based Hierarchical Approach. (A. Abdel-RahimA.M. Ismail).
  • Accessibility and Spatial Development in Switzerland During the Last 50 Years. (M. TschoppP. FrohlichK.W. Axhausen).
  • Parking and Accessibility. (E. Ferguson).