Google-Motorola and Land Value Capture

The analyst Horace Dediu writes in Harvard Business Review: Google’s Strategic Mistakes Drove Motorola Buy: It’s an innovative, if not convoluted, business model: Building and giving away the plumbing so that homes are granted unhindered access to free Google utility services (whose meter readings are sold to the highest bidder). But it comes with more […]

Land Value Capture and Market-Based Transportation Funding

Reason Foundation blog endorses Land Value Capture and Market-Based Transportation Funding Sam Staley writes: I’ve thought for a while that “value capture”–taxing the increase in property value due to public investment in infrastructure–should be used more widely as an alternative to using income taxes, sales taxes, or other general forms of taxation to fund transportation […]

Access for Value: Financing Transportation Through Land Value Capture

A new Brookings Institution report by myself and Emilia Istrate: Access for Value: Financing Transportation Through Land Value Capture is now out. Access for Value: Financing Transportation Through Land Value Capture David M. Levinson, R.P. Braun-CTS Chair of Transportation Engineering, University of Minnesota Emilia Istrate, Senior Research Analyst, Metropolitan Policy Program The Brookings Institution APRIL […]

Value Capture for DC Streetcars

From the WaPo Commercial property owners may be asked to pay for part of streetcar costs Commercial property owners along 37 miles of planned routes for a D.C. streetcar system may be asked to foot the bill for a quarter or more of the $1.5 billion system proposed by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. DC is […]

Value Capture for Transportation Finance

Our Value Capture for Transportation Finance study is now out. Policy Summary Report to the Minnesota Legislature Detailed reports will be placed online soon. About the Study Large public investments in state transportation infrastructure–such as new freeway interchanges, highways, or transit stations–can increase the value of adjacent private land, sometimes substantially. Capturing the value of […]