Interview with Economy Chosun on Trump Infrastructure Plan

A South Korean magazine, Economy Chosun, asked my opinion of the recent Trump plan.  Update: This has now appeared in print (in Korean). My answers (in English) below.  Questions    1.     What do you think about the US President Elect Donald Trump’s $1 Trillion 10-Year Infrastructure Plan? (Is it realistic? Much needed in consideration of the current […]

Could a Trump administration kill the Green Line extension? | Boston Globe

I was interviewed by Nicole Dungca at the Boston Globe who writes “Could a Trump administration kill the Green Line extension?”  (NOVEMBER 18, 2016). My quotes in context below: 1. Sanctuary Cities Somerville and Cambridge, both involved in the Green Line extension, are so-called “sanctuary cities,” which generally do not cooperate with immigration officials to detain undocumented immigrants. […]

On Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Brad Plumer at Vox interviewed me about “Trump’s plan to finance infrastructure by offering tax breaks to developers working on projects with revenue streams (like toll roads).” He wrote this article: Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan wouldn’t actually fix America’s infrastructure problems. David Levinson, a transportation analyst and professor at the University of Minnesota, brings up a number of other […]

Infrastructure Spending Done Right

I wrote a piece for the Van Alen Institute: Infrastructure Spending Done Right. This is part of a wider Van Alen Report: America’s Infrastructure,  including articles by Nicole DuPuis, The Age of the Smart City, Julian Brave Noisecat: Disruption Beyond Standing Rock, Steven Friess: Lesson’s from Flint’s Water Crisis, and Aaron Betsky: Good Design over Grand […]

The Transportist: June 2017

Welcome to the June 2017 issue of The Transportist. As always you can follow along at the blog or on Twitter. Transport Posts [posts as in jobs or positions] Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Transport at the University of Sydney ​Recruiting students Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil), University of Sydney Transportist Posts [posts as in blog posts] Driving on the wrong side […]

The Transportist: April 2017

Welcome to the seventh issue of The Transportist. As always you can follow along at the blog or on Twitter. I am pleased to report I am now in Sydney, as long promised. Contact information is at the bottom of this newsletter. Due to the move, it should have been a bit lighter than usual, oh well. Transportist Jobs […]

The Transportist: March 2017

Welcome to the sixth issue of The Transportist. As always you can follow along at the blog or on Twitter. Transportist Posts Transit Ridership On the predictability of the decline of transit ridership More on declining transit ridership Retail Shopping vs. Shipping Fantasy With Hyperloop, India eyes an unrealistic future | Quartz Infrastructure Talking about Infrastructure (me on MPR).  You can find […]