Peak Travel

An article in Miller-McCune on Peak Travel, following up on a paper by Adam Millard-Ball and Lee Schipper (who has a recent paper on the lack of “Peak Travel” in China in the most recent issue of the Journal of Transport and Land Use . We have discussed this idea before, noting that number of […]

Does telecommuting alter travel behavior and residential choice?

CTS Catalyst summarizes Jason Cao’s Travel Behavior Over Time study in “Does telecommuting alter travel behavior and residential choice?” The potential of telecommuting to alter travel patterns—and even mitigate congestion during peak hours—has sparked interest among transportation planners. Despite this potential, however, the actual impact of telecommuting on traffic has remained an open question. “In practice, […]

Stochastic Congestion and Pricing Model with Endogenous Departure Time Selection and Heterogeneous Travelers

Recently published: Xin, Wuping and David Levinson (2015) Stochastic Congestion and Pricing Model with Endogenous Departure Time Selection and Heterogeneous Travelers. Mathematical Population Studies. Volume 22, Issue 1, 2015, pages 37- 52 Published online: 11 Feb 2015 [doi] [Paywall, but free copy here] [This is part of a special issue on Risk and Uncertainty in Urban […]

Elements of Access: Constant Travel Time Budgets?

By Kay Axhausen One of the most famous claims made about travel behavior is that the time spent on it is constant over the years (Zahavi, 1974). This a claim made for whole populations not individuals, where personal introspection and observation tells us, that the time spent changes with age, family responsibilities, new workplaces or […]

Travels to California

As a Transportationist, I observe transportation. These are my observations on travel to  last week from Minneapolis to Berkeley (via Metro Transit, Delta, BART). Some things work better than others, some better than I imagine. Some still puzzle me. On this trip, I left Minneapolis, taking Metro Transit #8 bus (I was the only passenger […]

When will we reach peak road?

We have possibly reached peak vehicle, and peak travel in the US. Have we reached peak road? Noodling about USDOT statistics I see Table 1-4: Public Road and Street Mileage in the United States by Type of Surface (Bureau of Transportation Statistics), which suggests we reached peak road sometime between 2008 and 2011. Unpaved mileage […]

Fewer travelers take off from MSP

Adam Belz @ StarTribune interviewed me about: Fewer travelers take off from MSP : “Air travel was hurt by the April spike in fuel prices, said David Levinson, a professor at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies. ‘The price of fuel is certainly very volatile, and that doesn’t necessarily say something about the […]