Some comments on Hyperloop

I have some comments on the so-called Hyperloop on p. 10 of the current issue of Modus.  There are comments by others as well.   Hyperloop is not a reality, and may never be  Hyperloop can’t be a solution to any current transport problem, as it doesn’t exist. This is like the Wright brothers pitching airports before they’d […]

Hyperloops and circular runways

I will appear on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) RN (Radio National) show Future Tense Sunday 7 May 2017 10:30AM. They also have a podcast. In Japan they’re constructing a passenger train system that will travel at speeds in excess of 600 kilometres an hour. Now that’s fast, but it’s not fast enough for some. New […]

With Hyperloop, India eyes an unrealistic future | Quartz

  Ananya Bhattacharya at Quartz India writes: “With Hyperloop, India eyes an unrealistic future.” I remain puzzled by the popularity of Hyperloop. I am quoted. … “I don’t think it’s (Hyperloop) practical any time soon,” David Levinson, a professor of civil engineering at the […] University of Minnesota, said. “Tunneling remains expensive. We have no idea how […]

On the Deployment of Hyperloop

I appeared briefly at 13:oo CDT today on CNBC to talk about Hyperloop, which is in the news because one of the Hyperloop companies (Hyperloop One) had a press release yesterday, changed their name, raised a lot of money, and had a seemingly successful test run today. They asked me some things on the interview, […]

The Hyperloop Boarding and Alighting problem

It has been noted that there is a very short time between Hyperloop capsules arriving at the Hyperloop station. This potentially makes boarding and alighting difficult, since there is no guarantee everyone will take their seats and be strapped in before the next capsule arrives. This requires either the following capsule to deploy its emergency […]

Transportist: March 2022

“There’s panic on the switchboard, tongues in knots. Some come out in sympathy, some come out in spots. Some blame the management, some the employees. Everybody knows it’s the industrial disease.” Welcome to the latest issue of The Transportist, especially to our new readers. As always you can follow along at the or on Twitter. Making the […]


We halve the price for every subscriber. Welcome to the latest issue of The Transportist, especially to our new readers.  As always you can follow along at the or on Twitter. OA Overheard from an editor of a privately-owned for-profit journal which publishes a mix of open access [OA] and non-open access articles: Because the publisher is required […]

Transportist: February 2021

So in personal news, my family and I were awarded Permanent Residency status in Australia (this is like the Green Card for US immigrants). So now we can buy real estate without penalty, and get some other benefits, the most important of which is the sword of Damocles is now no longer poised above our […]