Time for overpasses on Hiawatha?

I noted this morning the 7th fatality due to the Hiawatha LRT (making it much more dangerous than bus) Pedestrian killed by LRT Is it time for overpasses? When Hiawatha Avenue was controversially rebuilt in the early part of this decade, it was decided not to build a freeway, so it is 4 lanes rather […]

Hiawatha takes another life.

Light-rail train hits, kills man in south Minneapolis “It was the second death at the 46th Street Station, and the fifth along the full line since light rail started running in 2004. In August 2006, a bicyclist was killed after crossing diagonally through the rail arms and flashing lights.” Nationally reported fatalities on (rail?) transit […]

Letter to Minneapolis

I lived in Minneapolis from 1999 until I moved to Sydney in 2017. In the last few days, the Minneapolis Police Department is again making the local news in Australia (following on the case of Justine Diamond) with the murder of George Floyd. Thanks to the internet (thanks internet !?) we can now livestream Minneapolis […]

The Evolution of the Green Line: A Retrospective

Metro Transit’s Green Line opened in June, 2014. While ridership almost immediate beat “expectations“1, and the line was quickly declared “a success“, at first there were still bugs in the works related to traffic signal timings and thus overall run-time and reliability, and safety. Though the planners felt this line on the map was permanently drawn, a review […]

Keeping the Green Line safe – The Minnesota Daily

Things I would not be allowed to say were I a public official … in The Minnesota Daily Keeping the Green Line safe : “… “Light rail trains empirically kill more people than buses,” said David Levinson, a civil engineering professor and transportation studies expert. Metro Transit spokesman John Siqveland said the Green and Blue […]

Man killed by Northstar commuter train

Strib: Man killed by Northstar commuter train Man killed by Northstar commuter train By BOB VON STERNBERG, Star Tribune Last Update: September 1, 2010 – 10:32 AM A railroad worker was killed in Anoka County early Wednesday morning when he was hit by a Northstar commuter train. It was the first fatality — and first […]

Bus vs. LRT Crash Externality

From Strib 1 critically hurt in LRT crash Coverage here as well. “In the five years of the Hiawatha light-rail line, five people have died in crashes, with none of the deaths on a train. The only one to involve a car was in September 2004, when an 87-year-old man who drove under the crossing […]