Cash for Clunkers Cost Exceeded Benefit

From Green Car Congress via EP: Univ. of Delaware Researchers Conclude Cash for Clunkers Cost Exceeded Benefit 2 September 2009 Burton Abrams and George Parsons of the University of Delaware evaluated the efficiency of the recently concluded Cash for Clunkers (CARS) program and concluded that the cost exceeds the benefit by approximately $2,000 per vehicle, […]

Transportist: May 2021: Our aversion to risk will kill us.

Welcome to the latest issue of The Transportist, especially to our new readers. As always you can follow along at the or on Twitter.  Hypothesis of the Month This month’s hypothesis is that transit makes people more productive because they are time conscious.  Economies of agglomeration are often measured for cities. It is attributed to the interactions that people have […]

The Scrappage Scheme

From the Guardian, Budget 2009: car industry welcomes scrappage scheme So in the UK (and apparently elsewhere in Europe similar policies are being put in place) … from the article “Motorists will receive £2,000 if they sell their old car and buy a new model, after the chancellor bowed to pressure from the automotive sector […]