Goodbye, Car2Go; what’s next for car-sharing? | Star Tribune

Janet Moore in the Star Tribune writes Goodbye, Car2Go; what’s next for car-sharing? She quotes the blog:   After Car2go’s announcement, University of Minnesota Prof. David Levinson wrote in his Transportist blog that in order for car-sharing to work, “access costs must be low, generating demand, which will increase vehicle availability (as suppliers respond to demand), which will lower […]

Car2Go – A Review (updated)

I am a skeptic of carsharing. I have used Zipcar in the past, but stopped due its inconvenience and cost. Minneapolis has a new system that has gotten good reviews, so upon the urging of some fellow transportationists, I used Car2Go today to go to a meeting at MetroTransit (hoping to maximize irony). I reserved […]

The Transportist: May 2019

Welcome to the May 2019 issue of The Transportist, especially to our new readers. We are testing a new newsletter platform, Substack. If you received this by email, you have been migrated, and no action is required on your part. As always you can follow along at the or on Twitter. Laws Like Newton in Mechanics or Tobler in […]

Transportist – Top 21 Posts of 2016

These were the most popular posts written in 2016 on this blog. You should read them all before the year is out, or before next year is out. Not in our Name The A Line – A Review The Era of Big Infrastructure is Over On Why Bike Lanes Might Appear Underutilized Car2Gone: On the […]

The Transportist: December 2016

Welcome to the third issue of The Transportist. As always you can follow along at the blog or on Twitter. I am publishing a bit earlier this month in advance of Saturnalia, Festivus, the Solstice, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa and whatever else you might celebrate. Transportist Posts On Academic Rankings On Guilds and the University Interview with Economy Chosun On Supercommuters On ‘Smart Cities’ […]

The Transportist – Newsletter – November 2016

Welcome to the second issue of The Transportist. As always you can follow along at the blog or on Twitter. Transportist Posts (Politics) Election Day should be on Veterans Day Denouement (on the election) My 2016 Politics posts in one place Transportist Posts (Policy, etc.) On the Need for Road Funding Could a Trump Administration Kill the Green Line | Boston Globe […]

New Streets for North America’s Cities

Kevin Krizek and I wrote New Streets for North America’s Cities for Public Sector Digest July 2016 issue (paywall), based in part on The End of Traffic and the Future of Transport. Here it is in full   New streets for North America’s cities Cities have always been about connectivity—connecting people to jobs, friends, cultures, and […]

Discussing the Driverless Future

Hillary Reeves of Transit for Livable Communities summarized our Transportation on Tap panel: Discussing the Driverless Future: At our latest Transportation on Tap happy hour event in Minneapolis, a fabulous panel of speakers and a lively crowd discussed what changes are coming with driverless vehicles. The biggest take-away? Whatever you call them, autonomous vehicles (AV) are […]