Prioritizing Active Transport Network Investment using Locational Accessibility

Recently published: This research explores prioritizing network investment to improve walking and biking access in a suburban area with a poorly connected street network. This study’s methods provide a systematic approach to design and prioritize the potential links to improve active travel in the suburban environment. An access-oriented ranking system is proposed to prioritize the […]

All ridership is local: Accessibility, competition, and stop-level determinants of daily bus boardings in Portland, Oregon

Cui, Boer, DeWeese, James, Wu, Hao, King, David, Levinson, D., and El-Geneidy, A. (2022) All Ridership Is Local: Accessibility, Competition, and Stop-Level Determinants of Daily Bus Boardings in Portland, Oregon. Journal of Transport Geography [doi] Research on accessibility, a measure of ease of reaching potential opportunities, has advanced significantly, but the adoption of these measures by public transport […]

Access-oriented design? Disentangling the effect of land use and transport network on accessibility

Recently published: Lahoorpoor, B., Rayaprolu, H., Wu, H., and Levinson, D. (2022) Access-oriented design? Disentangling the effect of land use and transport network on accessibility. Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives [doi] [Open Access] In urban planning and design, a holistic perspective is needed to examine multiple potential scenarios in future developing plans. Access (or accessibility) is a concept […]

Making Accessibility Work in Practice

Recently Published: El-Geneidy, Ahmed and Levinson, D. (2021) Making Accessibility Work in Practice. Transport Reviews [doi] [first 50 free download] Accessibility, the ease of reaching destination, is the most comprehensive land use and transport systems performance measure (Levinson & Wu, 2020; Wachs & Kumagai, 1973; Wu & Levinson, 2020). Accessibility has been applied in planning research since the […]

Immigrant Settlement Patterns, Transit Accessibility, and Transit Use

Recently published: Allen, Jeff, Farber, Steven, Greaves, Stephen, Clifton, Geoffrey, Wu, Hao, Sarkar, Hao, and Levinson, D. (2021) Immigrant Settlement Patterns, Transit Accessibility, and Transit Use. Journal of Transport Geography. 96 103187 [doi] Abstract: Public transit is immensely important among recent immigrants for enabling daily travel and activity participation. The objectives of this study are […]

Optimum Stop Spacing for Accessibility

Recently published: Wu, Hao and Levinson, D. (2021) Optimum Stop Spacing for Accessibility. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research. 21(2) 1-18 [doi] The cumulative opportunities measure accessibility is defined as the number of opportunities reachable under a given time threshold. The spacing between transit stations is fundamental for accessibility by transit, yet the stations […]

Accessibility and the Pursuit of Happiness

As I have argued elsewhere [Towards A General Theory of Access]: The only reason to locate anywhere is to be near some people, places, and things, be far from others, and possess still others. Since being far from something is really just being near the absence of that thing, and pos-session is just the ability […]