Transportist: 17 Top Posts of 2021

The most popular Transportist posts from 2021 were not written in 2021. On Misery Loves Company from 2017 has taken a life of its own, for some reason. (punchline: miserable people don’t want company, misery itself does, which is why it spreads).

But the aim of this post is to promote stuff published this year, so these were the most popular (excluding of course, this post itself, for which we don’t yet have statistics). Traditional posts, as opposed to links to other publications (papers, student theses, videos, etc.) are declining as my time is finite and more effort goes to the newsletter. But in case you missed any of the below: happy reading, and may 2022 be better.

What if it’s only once a week?
Notes from a Prison Colony
Urban access across the globe: an international comparison of different transport modes
Towards the 30-minute city — how Australians’ commutes compare with cities overseas
Access as a performance indicator in a work-from-home world
Observations of Arncliffe
Applications of Access
Optimum Stop Spacing for Accessibility
Road traffic almost back to pre-COVID levels as commuters shun public transport | Sydney Morning Herald
Longing to Travel: Commute Appreciation during COVID-19
Accessibility-oriented planning: Why and how to make the switch
The Ensemble Approach to Forecasting: A Review and Synthesis
Auto buybacks: Cash for ICE — Accelerating the Transition to EVs (and AVs while we are at it)
Job and Worker Density and Transit Network Dynamics
The Economics of Findings
Elements of Access — Now with Video