Sydney’s Traffic Returning to pre-COVID Levels as Driving Skills Deteriorate | SMH

Andrew Taylor in the SMH writes: Sydney’s traffic returning to pre-COVID levels as driving skills deteriorate

My quotes:

But David Levinson, professor of transport engineering at the University of Sydney, said: “In general low traffic levels lead to higher speeds and to more dangerous driving, so as traffic returns to normal, we may see lower rates of fatal and injury collisions per kilometre travelled.” …

Professor Levinson said empty CBD offices meant train carriages would also continue to be empty.

“Walking to work is also much more common for people in high-density areas, which are more likely still to be places where workers are effectively locked out,” he said. “And if the CBD is relatively empty, driving and parking there is not as difficult.”

My own sense is the trains are indeed pretty damn empty compared to the before-times, and driving still feels down (though not as down) in my observation. Traffic counts are taken at specific locations, and I am not sure any one data source is right on this.