Transportist: August 2021

Accessibility for asynchronous aspatiality. Living in Lockdown.


Notes from a Prison ColonyAs I write this, my city is now in the eighth year of nearly continuous “lockdown” to “eliminate” the dread virus Covid.

Reviews of the Post

  • (1) This post reads like a potential script for a “Black Mirror” episode. “I am only sorry we didn’t begin lockdowns before the virus arrived. I will be sad to see them removed.” But it feels more like a future documentary.
  • (2) Thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece on COVID19’s “Chet” variant in the 8th year of lockdown and its impact on our city and lives.
  • (3) This is an award winning quality satire, seriously. 
    • (4) What! – this is satire? Feels like a credible futurist prediction.
  • (5) Brilliant


Where is Sydney now on the Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle with respect to COVID-19/Delta, cause it sure isn’t Acceptance. The mood is (ref):

  • Denial 22.2%
  • Anger 25%
  • Depression 30.6%
  • Bargaining 22.2%


  • The Transportation Experience is now on Video

I have used The Transportation Experience as a primary text for my Transport Policy, Planning, and Deployment class at Minnesota and Sydney for a number of years, and a few other schools use it as well. Over that time, the presentation has evolved. In 2019 I decided to flip the class for 2020, so it would be less of me lecturing, and more interactive. That proved fortuitous planning, as we soon went online, and asynchronous lecturing became standard.

There is no good reason to keep the videos bottled up, knowledge should be free.  I don’t think I will lose any students or book sales by making these videos available more widely, so I am making them available more widely.

To that end, the videos accompanying The Transportation Experience are now online, you can see them on the YouTube Playlist, and the specific videos by chapter listed in the Table of Contents. Happy viewing.

Preface  [Video

Part One – Wave One: 1790–1851 
1. Rivers of Steam [Video
2. Design by Design: The Birth of the Railway [Video
3. The Turnpike Era [Video

Part Two – Phase 1 of the Life-Cycle 
4. Inventing and Innovating [Video

Part Three – Wave Two 1844–1896 
5. Maritime Modes [Video
6. Railroads Deployed [Video
7. Good Roads [Video
8. Transit [Video
9. Telegraph [Video

Part Four – Phase 2 of the Life-Cycle 
10. Magic Bullet  [Video

Part Five – Wave Three 1890-1950 
11. American Shipping  [Video
12. Taking Flight [Video
13. Railroads Regulated [Video
14. Bustitution [Video
15. Public Roads [Video
16. Urban Planning: Who Controls the Turf?  [Video
17. Telephone  [Video

Part Six – Phase 3 of the Life-Cycle 
18. Aging  [Video]

Part Seven – Wave Four: 1939-1991 
19. Logistics  [Video
20. The Jet Age [Video
21. Railroads Rationalized [Video
22. Interstate [Video
23. Recapitalization [Video
24. Lord Kelvin’s Curse [Video

Part Eight – Life-Cycle Dynamics 
25. Lifecycle [Video
26. Meta-cycles [Video

Part Nine – Wave Five: Modern Times 
27. Energy and Environment [Video
28. Higher-speed rail [Video
29. Internet [Video
30. Technology: Hard and Soft [Video

Part Ten – Beyond the Life-Cycle 
31. Policy [Video
32. Speculations [Video

Part Eleven – Afterwords: Reflections on Transportation Experiences 
33. I-35W [Video
34. Design of a Life [Video
35. Commencement [Video

Part Twelve – End Matter 


TransportLab has presentations at WSTLUR next week:

Tuesday August 10 at 6 am  Sydney time

… Jennifer Kent: Special Session on Dogs

Tuesday August 10 at 7  am  Sydney time

1C. Accessibility: Frameworks, Concepts, and Theories

… David Levinson and Hao Wu. Towards a General Theory of Access

Tuesday August 10 at  8 am  Sydney time

2B. Accessibility. Moderator: David Levinson

… Bahman Lahoorpoor, Hema Rayaprolu, Hao Wu and David Levinson. Access-oriented design? Disentangling the effect of land use and transport network on accessibility…

… Jeff Allen, Steven Farber, Stephen Greaves, Geoffrey Clifton, Hao Wu, Somwrita Sarkar and David M Levinson. Immigrant settlement patterns, transit accessibility, and transit use

Wednesday August 11 at 1 am Sydney time

5A. Cycling and health. Moderator: Jennifer Kent

Wednesday August 11 at 9 am Sydney time

7A. Land Development & Auto-dependance.

… Jennifer Kent. The inevitability of automobility: how private car use is perpetuated in a greenfield estate

7C. Accessibility Impacts

… Hema Rayaprolu and David Levinson. Rent/price ratios and access to jobs by transit

Research and Presentation

  • Laura Aston and David Levinson (2021) Accessibility-Oriented Planning: Why and How to Make the SwitchITE Journal(August). p25-29. … Discusses the Transport Access Manual.
      Accessibility-oriented planning

      Why and how to make the switchDate:  Tuesday, 17 August 2021
      Time:  4:30 pm to 6:00 pm AEST
      Venue: Online
      Cost:  freeAccessibility is not a new measure of transport system performance. It was conceptualised in its present form more than 60 years ago. It has garnered attention of late, buoyed by the dual concerns of equity and sustainability in transport, as well as the increased availability of data and software to measure it. The Transport Access Manual has been developed to demystify access measurement. In this seminar, David Levinson and Laura Aston discuss the essential elements of access measurement.

Research by Others

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