The Transportation Experience: The Video Experience

I have used The Transportation Experience as a primary text for my Transport Policy, Planning, and Deployment class at Minnesota and Sydney for a number of years, and a few other schools use it as well. Over that time, the presentation has evolved. In 2019 I decided to flip the class for 2020, so it would be less of me lecturing, and more interactive. That proved fortuitous planning, as we soon went online, and asynchronous lecturing became standard.

There is no good reason to keep the videos bottled up, knowledge should be free.  I don’t think I will lose any students or book sales by making these videos available more widely, so I am making them available more widely.

To that end, the videos accompanying The Transportation Experience are now online, you can find the YouTube Playlist below, and the specific videos by chapter listed in the Table of Contents. Happy viewing.




Table of Contents

(with accompanying [Video] links)

Preface  [Video]

Part One – Wave One: 1790–1851
1. Rivers of Steam [Video]
2. Design by Design: The Birth of the Railway [Video]
3. The Turnpike Era [Video]

Part Two – Phase 1 of the Life-Cycle
4. Inventing and Innovating [Video]

Part Three – Wave Two 1844–1896
5. Maritime Modes [Video]
6. Railroads Deployed [Video]
7. Good Roads [Video]
8. Transit [Video]
9. Telegraph [Video]

Part Four – Phase 2 of the Life-Cycle
10. Magic Bullet  [Video]

Part Five – Wave Three 1890-1950
11. American Shipping  [Video]
12. Taking Flight [Video]
13. Railroads Regulated [Video]
14. Bustitution [Video]
15. Public Roads [Video]
16. Urban Planning: Who Controls the Turf?  [Video]
17. Telephone  [Video]
Part Six – Phase 3 of the Life-Cycle
18. Aging  [Video]
Part Seven – Wave Four: 1939-1991
19. Logistics  [Video]
20. The Jet Age [Video]
21. Railroads Rationalized [Video]
22. Interstate [Video]
23. Recapitalization [Video]
24. Lord Kelvin’s Curse [Video]

Part Eight – Life-Cycle Dynamics
25. Lifecycle [Video]
26. Meta-cycles [Video]

Part Nine – Wave Five: Modern Times
27. Energy and Environment [Video]
28. Higher-speed rail [Video]
29. Internet [Video]
30. Technology: Hard and Soft [Video]

Part Ten – Beyond the Life-Cycle
31. Policy [Video]
32. Speculations [Video]

Part Eleven – Afterwords: Reflections on Transportation Experiences
33. I-35W [Video]
34. Design of a Life [Video]
35. Commencement [Video]

Part Twelve – End Matter

The videos were produced by Bahman Lahoorpoor, who synchronised audio and video, and helped extend the slides I had previously had.