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  • Davis, Blake, Ji, Ang,  Liu, Bichen, and Levinson, D. (2020) Moving Array Traffic ProbesFrontiers in Future Transportation. doi: 10.3389/ffutr.2020.602356 [doi]
  • Ji, Ang and Levinson, D. (2020) Injury severity prediction from two-vehicle crash mechanisms with machine learning and ensemble models. IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems. [doi]

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You may have noticed that Transport Findings has become Findings. We believe the core idea of open access, peer-reviewed, short form research articles that is central to Findings has applications well beyond the transport domain, and we don’t want to limit ourselves (or you). We could have started a lot of small journals, but it is more cost effective, and probably also more beneficial, to keep everything under one journal name, with multiple sections and editors.

So everything we have published to date is in the section Transport Findings, as will undoubtedly be many future papers. But we are pleased to announce that we have opened up a new section Urban Findings, edited by Somwrita Sarkar, which will be launching soon. Urban Findings welcomes submissions following the Findings model of short, to-the-point research findings in the broad field of urbanism. You can see the Editorial Board here.

So at this time we are about Findings in the domains of Transport and Urbanism, because those are the practical limits of our current expertise, but we see no reason in principle that there should not be other sections.

If you have ideas about a topic area that you would both like to see articles for, and are willing to edit, please let us know. Editors of the new section would have to help recruit an editorial board, solicit articles, find reviewers, and, of course, make editorial decisions.

Unfortunately, we can only pay you in social capital, but those rewards are enormous, you will be helping assemble the knowledge of humanity, brick-by-brick, finding-by-finding.


  • Praharaj, Sarbeswar, David King, Christopher Pettit, and Elizabeth Wentz. 2020. “Using Aggregated Mobility Data to Measure the Effect of COVID-19 Polices on Mobility Changes in Sydney, London, Phoenix, and Pune.” Findings, October.
  • Toulouse, Catherine, Saeid Amiri, Marie-Soleil Cloutier, and Nicolas Saunier. 2020. “Speed Limit Changes and Driver Behaviour: A Spatial Lag Model.” Findings, October.
  • Adediji, Yemi, and Robert Noland. 2020. “How Data Imputation Affects Crash Modeling Results.” Findings, October.


  • The University of Sydney’s First Roderick Distinguished International Webinar is scheduled on Thursday, 19 November 2020, from 6-7pm (AEST) via Zoom. Prof. Jennifer Whyte from Imperial College London will talk on Infrastructure projects and digital delivery.  CLICK HERE to register. 
  • I will be speaking at the Festival of Urbanism on November 18. Mobility and Housing Futures: Lessons from COVID-19 and the 2019-20 bushfires. I will be talking about the “New New Normal: Mobility and Activity in the ‘After Times’”
  • I talked to the University of British Columbia on November 4 (their time) about “The New New Normal”.


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My solution for increasing Sydney real estate prices: A giant helium inflatable mirror ball tethered to a ferry and floating over Sydney Harbour so everyone has a view of the water.