Transportist: August 2019

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Access Across Australia

  • Access Across Australia (article in The Conversation) (full report)

Transportist (the blog)


  • There are many new posts on the site, from the organisation where I now preside. You should check WalkSydneyout, and if you are in Greater Sydney, you should join.

Transport Findings



  • I attended COTA International Conference of Transport Professionalsin Nanjing (and a pre-conference in Beijing). It’s a good event, and obviously, there is a lot of action in transport in China. I presented on the End of Traffic and the Future of Access, and a General Theory of Access.

Papers by Us

  • Carrion, Carlos and David Levinson (2019) Overestimation and underestimation of travel time on commute trips: GPS vs. self- reporting. Urban Science. 3(3), 70 [doi]
  • Cui, Mengying and Levinson, D. (2019) Primal and Dual AccessGeographical Analysis.  (accepted and in press) [doi]


Research by Others