Friends of Erskineville: Conversation with David Levinson

I am honoured to be invited to present to the Friends of Erskineville (Facebook signup) group on Tuesday, 11 June 2019 from 19:30-20:30, at the Erskineville Town Hall Committee Room talking about a bunch of things, notably station access.

Friends of Erskineville's photo.

David hails from the USA but since 2017 has been a professor of transport engineering at Sydney University. His area of expertise is travel behaviour and transport planning. Recently he founded the Walk Sydney group and has written numerous articles about how we can improve walkability in Sydney. He has analysed the design of a number of intersections in the Erskineville neighbourhood and suggested ways to improve them. In a recent article he wrote about the possibility of improving station access, such as by creating a southern entrance to Erskineville station.

David will give a presentation on these issues followed by an informal Q&A.

See the following links for some of David’s recent articles:

Update June 13, 2019

The recording is up on Facebook in two parts: