18 Most Popular Transportist Posts of 2018

These are the most popular posts for 2018. If you missed any of these, go read them now, before the Singularity makes everything obsolete.

  1. 21 Strategies to Solve Congestion * (for second year running, note it was only 10th most popular in the year it was written.)
  2. What Do We Know About the “First Mile/Last Mile” Problem for Transit? * (by David King)
  3. Signalling Inequality (Blog version, adding views of the version on the Conversation: How traffic signals favour cars and discourage walking, would make this #1)
  4. Road Rent – On the Opportunity Cost of Land Used for Roads
  5. How much time is spent at traffic signals?
  6. A Pedestrian Bill of Rights
  7. Why is the Walking Man White?*
  8. Why is Public Transport Use Higher in Australia and What to Do about it? 
  9. An Argument in Favour of Streetcars.
  10. On Academic Compliance Bullsh*t.
  11. Evolution of the Sydney Trams Network
  12. Speed vs. Safety
  13. Five rings, five continents, five Olympic host cities*
  14. Are Australian Vehicles Getting Bigger?
  15. Uber’s Self-Driving Car Killed Someone Today.
  16. On the Four Paths
  17. Is Reducing a Negative Externality a Positive Externality (Or on biking and Vikings)
  18. Observations of Canberra

Those published in earlier years marked with an *.

The most popular post was 2x the second most popular post, 4x the third post, and 7x the fourth post (and 60x the 18th post). So much for a Zipf rule.


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