21 Most Popular Transportist Posts of 2017 Spectacular.


Every year for four years now, I have done a top posts article:

These are the most popular posts for 2017. Those published in earlier years marked with an *.

  1. 21 Strategies to Solve Congestion *
  2. On Why Bike Lanes Might Appear Underutilized *
  3. What Do We Know About the “First Mile/Last Mile” Problem for Transit? * (by David King)
  4. On Elon Musk
  5. Congratulations America, Achievement Unlocked (more or less by Ahmed El-Geneidy’s Group at McGill)
  6. On the Differences between Autonomous, Automated, Self-Driving and Driverless Cars
  7. On the I-85 Bridge Collapse in Atlanta
  8. On the Predictability of the Decline of Transit Ridership in the US
  9. Why is the Walking Man White?*
  10. Rules for Researchers
  11. Post-Doc Wanted
  12. Streets Wide Shut – A Principle for Urban Streets
  13. On `Smart Cities’ and `Smart Growth’ *
  14. Elements of Access: Induced Demand* (by Wes Marshall)
  15. On Resistance
  16. Minnesota planners begin to envision driverless future | Star Tribune
  17. On a new Infrastructure Bill
  18. Recruiting Students
  19. Forgetting Faster Than We Learn* (by David King)
  20. More on Declining Transit Ridership
  21. Transit Riders’ Perception of Waiting Time and Stops’ Surrounding Environments.


#1 was a numbered list with paragraphs. The number of hits on #1 was 60 times more widely read than #21 (even more winner-takes-all virality than usual). This was the largest year by far, in most part because of the viral popularity of #1 and #2 (Otherwise it would be the largest by a small amount). Only 1 scientific piece (#21) made the list this year.

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit (Bike Lanes), Tinyletter (my newsletter), LinkedIn, Streetsblog, and Curbed (the I-85 piece) are the largest sources of traffic.

Goals For next year.

  1. Write more numbered lists.