Model Accuracy Data for Post-Construction Evaluation of Forecast Accuracy in Minnesota

thumbnail_optionIt’s important for scientific replicability and progress that datasets be made available. Mostly they are sitting on researchers hard drivers not out of any greed or malice, but sloth and indifference. Making data available for others to use is hard. It requires documenting things that were in your head.
Following more than one request for our data, we put ‘Model Accuracy Data for Post-Construction Evaluation of Forecast Accuracy in Minnesota‘ online at the University of Minnesota Data Repository.
This data was used for the project: Post-Construction Evaluation of Forecast Accuracy Parthasarathi, Pavithra; Levinson, David (Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2009)
and the related paper:
Parthasarathi, Pavithra and David Levinson (2010) Post-Construction Evaluation of Traffic Forecast AccuracyTransport Policy 17 428-443.
The website has the data and the all-important meta-data. If you are interested, please download and cite back.
If you are doing research currently, try to make your data available upon publication so that others can replicate your work. Researchers may be subject to confidentiality or other constraints for certain kinds of data, some of our data is. Yet many data sets are not so constrained.