Transportation and Regional Governance Policy

I will be in the Basement of the Minnesota Legislature tomorrow (Wednesday) to talk about ‘Transportation and Regional Governance.’ I might mention something about about accessibility and automated vehicles as well. I will take the Green Line to get there. I am paying out-of-pocket for my travel expenses.
Someone else will also be on the agenda.
Chair: Rep. Linda Runbeck
Location: Basement Hearing Room
Presentation by Professor David Levinson
University of Minnesota
The Future of Transport and Directions for Minnesota Policy

Presentation by Randal O’Toole
Senior Fellow, CATO Institute
LRT and Long-Term Planning Concerns in the Twin Cities Region

Someone is already concerned, he wrote:
I see for the February 8th meeting you have two presentations. I’d like if the presenters could email me the presentations. Specifically I’m interested in the data and sources for the presentation that’ll be presented by Professor David Levinson. I am concerned about the accuracy of the presentation regarding the claims he may have that multi-Billion dollar transit corridors have any effect on lowering freeway congestion, cut polution, or provide return on investment to the non-riding tax payers who pay for them. Having this data a head of the meeting will greatly help.
Strange being accused by a complete stranger of inaccuracy in advance for things you might say based on never having heard me speak before and never having read anything I have ever written.
I was told by the chair that Mr. O’Toole, who pretends to not know who I am,  was put on the docket for “balance”. While at first I was appalled at the concept, I have come around.
More generally, facts should always be “balanced” by anti-facts, otherwise we might make informed decisions, and that might be at odds with how we wished the world worked, and thus lead to unhappiness.  I am told in physics when facts meet anti-facts they both annihilate each other. Economists on the other hand believe bad facts drive out good.