Transportist – Top 21 Posts of 2016

These were the most popular posts written in 2016 on this blog. You should read them all before the year is out, or before next year is out.

  1. Not in our Name
  2. The A Line – A Review
  3. The Era of Big Infrastructure is Over
  4. On Why Bike Lanes Might Appear Underutilized
  5. Car2Gone: On the decline of carsharing in the late 2010s
  6. What Do We Know About the “First Mile/Last Mile” Problem (by David King)
  7. The Hierarchy of Roads: 7 Axioms on street design
  8. Urban Scaffording: 6 transport technologies which will be largely removed in the coming decades
  9. Police Shootings are a transport matter
  10. 21 Strategies to Solve Congestion
  11. On Academic Rankings
  12. The Timeless Way of Building Roads
  13. The best show about urban planning, economic development, and transportation that you are not watching
  14. The Shapes of Streets to Come
  15. Follow the Red Brick Road
  16. On ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘Smart Growth’
  17. #NoNewParking
  18. The Economics of Academic Self-Promotion
  19. AVs After Alphabet
  20. Cars, People, Buses, Bikes
  21. 5 Ways to Reduce Racial Bias in Traffic Stops

The top post was 8 times more widely read than the 20th. Total readership in 2016 was 33% higher than 2015, and the number of visitors set a record (indicating more people reading posts one-off rather than returning).

I have been doing this for 10 years. I still cannot figure out what makes a popular post. Obviously the academic announcements of papers published are less popular, but still worth doing.

Last year’s post: Transportationist – Most Popular Posts of 2015 was not a huge performer, but it may have driven additional traffic to last year’s winners. I named this year’s “Top 21” on the theory that people like numbered lists, and posts with numbers do well (4 of the top 21 had numbers in them, not including Car2Gone).