The best Anime about resistance to Japanese New Town planning featuring magical raccoons that you have probably never seen


Tama New Town is a planned suburb of Tokyo with about 200,000 people. It is the setting of the gorgeous Studio Ghibli film Whisper of the Heart, (really, all the Ghibli films are worth seeing). More to the point, its construction, and the destruction of the natural and earlier agricultural environment, are the centerpiece of the 1994 Ghibli film Pom Poko.

The movie features raccoon dogs whose homes are being disturbed by rapacious development (of Tama), and their attempts to foment resistance, both through aggressive tactics as well use of magic to convince the humans the area is haunted. Nevertheless construction proceeds. Other stunts are also attempted. The movie provides insight into late 20th century Japanese culture, and like many Ghibli films has detailed animation of the real world. You don’t learn too much about planning, but it still belongs in the short list of planning-cinema, along with the 1992 movie  Singles of the same era.