Initial impressions of A Line bus mostly positive | Star Tribune


Janet Moore of the Strib writes: “Initial impressions of A Line bus mostly positive.” I get a quote:

University of Minnesota Prof. David Levinson recently released an accessibility evaluation of the A Line, part of a broader, federally funded project. The study found that workers living within a half mile (or a 10-minute walk) of the A Line can reach 11 percent or 4,500 more jobs within 30 minutes of the new service than before. Employers in the same area can reach 6.4 percent more workers, or 2,000 additional employees.

“We found the net accessibility [of the A Line] is positive overall, so more people are winners than losers and the losers don’t lose very much,” Levinson said.

Roth says the A Line appears to be attracting new riders who like the new stations and the light-rail-like amenities over the local bus.

Levinson noted: “You won’t change your behavior on Day One, it takes awhile to build. Over time, we expect people to use the A Line more than the 84. And if more people use it, then it justifies the investment.”

Note the link to our report is added. The Strib surely meant to link back to the original report, but couldn’t because HTML is hard.

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