The Transportist

If you are especially eagle eyed, you may have noticed the name of the blog lost 5 letters recently. We don’t need no stinkin’ “ation”. As I noted in an earlier post It’s Transportational, we could save valuable time and resources if we shortened the most important word in our vocabulary.

There is a more important reason, and this has to do with verbal clarity. An anti-transportationist is one who opposes the transportation of prisoners and debtors to penal colonies [See Definition 2 here]. Now of course, those colonies have grown up to be fine states and countries, but the policies that made them are not appropriate. Thus,  I am an anti-transportationist. How can I be both a transportationist and an anti-transportationist at the same time?

To that end, I have also shortened my Twitter handle to @trnsprtst.