What people are quoting about “The End of Traffic and the Future of Transport”

Former student Peter Rafferty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory complements our new E-book. He says : “By the way, I really did enjoy your End of Traffic book. Thanks for all you do trying to keep our profession on a good track. – Peter”

He passes on this unsolicited praise that he sent to someone else when noting my ITS MN Luncheon Keynote talk (Details: June 1, 11:45 am – 1:00 pm Holiday Inn East. 2201 Burns Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55119 [One day this might be near the Gold Line BRT]).

Yes, this one definitely looks to be a winner.


You ought to read David Levinson’s e-book:



There are a lot of good nuggets in there:

“This is not a journal article. We would like it to be read.”

“…the immaculate conception of deep fried crisps has yet to be discovered.”

“…catapult based freight delivery.”

“Convenience, safety, and inattention are hallmarks of future mobility.”

“…vinyl is coming back in vogue among hipster music fetishists.” (my little brother-in-law included)

Sweet use of vocabulary like nascent and sclerotic.

“The difference between a 2030 and 2020 model car likely will be far greater than the difference seen between any decade since 1920 and 1910.”

“The profession can move beyond the mindless application of arbitrary level of service standards that have besot our communities.” (rings of the MAP-21 performance measures, too)

“…humans are imperfectly attentive (if not perfectly inattentive)…”

“Developing a communal hallucination can organize individual activities…”