The Smithsonian Museum of Problems

WMATA-37950The Smithsonian Institute today announced a new addition to its collection of Museums on the Mall in Washington DC.

The National Museum of American Problems is devoted to problems that never go away, and are simply to be admired. Some of the objects to be found in the Museum include

  • the National Debt
  • Poverty
  • Tax Reform
  • Entitlement Reform
  • Partisanship
  • Campaign Finance
  • the Environment
  • the Weather
  • Kids These Days
  • misuse of Language
  • Imperial Measurement
  • The Weak Dollar
  • The Strong Dollar
  • Financial Market Reform
  • Farm Supports
  • Police Brutality
  • Computer Security
  • Violence
  • “Accidents”
  • The Global War on Terror
  • Misassessment of Risk
  • America’s role in the Middle East, with a special collection on the Israel – Palestine conflict

The transportation wing is particularly large. Exhibits are devoted to

  • Congestion
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • High Construction Costs
  • Pursuit of Ribbon Cuttings
  • Lack of Funds
  • Escalator repair

The exhibits are permanent, as none of these problems is ever expected to be solved. It will be housed in vacated Metrorail Blue Line tunnels, and can be accessed via broken escalators and elevators.


The Museum welcomes ideas for additional exhibits, which can be added in the comments.