How the World Beats Traffic

I am participating in: How the World Beats Traffic, “A virtual panel discussion with international experts on how cities are using congestion reducing fees to combat gridlock”

Date: November 2, 2015

Time: 12pm EST [11 am CST, the only Time Zone that matters ™]


 Congestion is the bane of urban life in Canada, as it is elsewhere in the world. Too many people driving too many cars at the same place at the same time—that’s congestion. Growing urban populations, lack of accessible and reliable public transit, outdated infrastructure—all of these contribute to the growing trend of road congestion in our cities. While road-use is free, congestion is extremely costly—both to our economies and our quality of life.

On November 2nd, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission will launch a major report on the critical missing piece of our urban mobility agenda: congestion pricing. We Can’t Get There From Here: How Pricing Congestion is Critical to Beating It sheds light on the costs of congestion that we cannot solve with more road and transit capacity alone. It highlights the various and diverse pricing policy approaches that have been used successfully to reduce gridlock in cities across the world. And it considers how these lessons could apply to four of Canada’s biggest cities.

Video about the Canada Ecofiscal Commission.