O.C.’s proposed ‘Lexus lanes’ may see more Toyotas | OC Register

Nicole Knight at the Orange County Register writes:  O.C.’s proposed ‘Lexus lanes’ may see more Toyotas

David M. Levinson, professor of transportation at the University of Minnesota, said studies have shown toll lane users drive more miles per day.

A recent survey of 91 express lane users found that those with the highest income, $200,000 and up, spent the most per month on tolls, an average of $89.85.

Still, Levinson said, it’s probably unfair to compare the reported income of toll lane users – or their vehicles – with the general population. Average household income numbers include the unemployed, students, retirees and homemakers, along with some low-income workers who may not drive the freeways.

The criticism leveled at toll lanes generally wanes once the roads are built, Levinson said. Perhaps, in time, the “Lexus lanes” label may fade as well.

“Because everybody is in a hurry some time,” he said.