Help liberate funds from Venture Capitalists

From time to time I (like many others I suppose) get offers from ride share companies like Lyft and Uber. Sign up your friends (who can’t already be members), they get $20, you get $20. This is just to get you hooked. Like a drug dealer, the first hit is free. But IF you have self-control, this is a means of taking funds from Venture Capitalists who are sponsoring these enterprises, getting a free ride with no future obligations. That is a worthy goal, isn’t it?


So here is my current Lyft promo code (through 11:59 pm April 24)



Uber’s current promotion doesn’t benefit me at all, but does get you two free rides. Here is the promo code: SpringMSP. Valid anywhere in the US through 5/31/2015.

I am skeptical of their business model, but hey, no reason you shouldn’t get a free ride.

Good luck.