“Want better roads? Disband MnDOT” | Finance and Commerce

James Warden writes in Finance and Commerce about my Enterprising Roads proposal: U of M prof: Want better roads? Disband MnDOT. [No Paywall!]

The article is a bit more sensationalist than I would have liked (I would say “transform” rather than “disband”), but the main points are there. While the vested interests tut-tut because it is too radical, we need to think why transportation is in perpetual crisis. For instance, the lobby says ““I worry that governance is an issue that can get people sidetracked. The bottom line is that there isn’t enough money.””. Why is this always the issue? Perhaps it is the Governance that leads to the structural problem.

Video: Traffic Analysis at Signalized Intersections

(from the Introduction to Transportation Engineering Series)