One thought on “Video: History and Evolution of Urban Traffic Control Technology

  1. As an aside, every place I’ve lived over the last 30 years (1 prov, 4 states) has had 3M Opticom signal pre-emption for at least the fire department if not the police. But only one of those places, Chicagoland (but not Chicago – no pre-emption I ever saw in the city), had any sort of signal to let you know that the cycle had been pre-empted. Next to the sensor was a white lamp. This would either flash or come on steadily when pre-empted. I either never figured out (or forgot – gone 8+ years now) which direction got the flashing light and which got the solid. I presume that this was to let emergency vehicle operators know which direction had captured the controller. Seems like this, consistently applied, would reduce the number of emergency vehicle collisions.

    Thanks for the video. Interesting trivia about Paul Allen!


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