8 trains, 2 buses, and 2 planes

I went to Chicago on Friday October 3, 2014. I returned from Chicago on Friday October 3, 2014.

My trip:

  • Walk to Green Line Westgate Station
  • Catch train to Downtown East
  • Transfer to Blue Line Station
  • Alight at MSP Terminal 1 station
  • Catch the Tram connecting the LRT to the terminal
  • Wait on a very long security line
  • Get on flight
  • Alight plane
  • Exit Midway Airport to catch Orange Line train
  • Purchase a Ventra Card
  • Transfer at Harold Washington Library to Blue Line at Jackson Street
  • Alight at UIC Halsted


  • Catch Number 8 Bus. Standing Room Only, a far cry from Metro Transit
  • Alight at Orange Line Halsted Station
  • Take train to Midway Airport
  • Go through a short security line
  • Discover flight is delayed (net about 1 hour), due in part to the Traffic Control fire last week.
  • Alight in Minneapolis
  • Catch Tram to LRT station
  • Take Blue Line to Franklin Avenue Station
  • Catch a Perfectly Timed Transfer to the Number 67 Bus
  • Alight at Seymour Street.