Here is exactly the sort of infrastructure spending Republicans should support | AEI Ideas

Jim Pethokoukis at AEI writes about what Republican transportation policy should look like. I am glad my ideas are being embraced by both AEI and the Obama administration.


University of Minnesota Transportation expert and must-follow blogger David Levinson was recently asked what he would do to help low-income residents if given $1 billion to spend. Now the context here is the opening of $1 billion light-rail line between downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. Levinson:

and then he cites the part of my blog post: Five questions about public transit, rail vs. bus, and gentrification. on spending for buses. He goes on to ask.


Why are buses treated as second-class transportation options? One reason, this Next City story suggests, is that middle-class (and above) citizens are kind of snooty about buses. They view them as transportation purely for poor people. “Only losers ride the bus.” Of course, this is a cultural and financial choice. Buses could be cooler and, more importantly, provide better service. And one group they could provide better services for is … lower-income people who have limited commuting options. …

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  1. Hi David,

    Since you are interested in transit these days here is something for you, not sure if you saw it or not.

    Its one of the papers I did with Krizek during my time in Minnesota, it never made the cut in any conference we thought it was a very weak paper both me and Kevin. Yet the figure on page 88 is the key and its famous, I have seen it in many conferences people placing it in their presentations I was even invited to give a talk in DC a couple of years ago just based on this figure. You have car captives, these are the guys you are talking about in your blog. They answer yes to a question people like me do not take transit. These are 47% of the non-user population. So you have 53% potential users that you can play with and bring to the transit easily if you remove their problems. Of course sample bias etc. but the numbers can reflect the reality a little as it was a big survey in the Twiin Cities that we analyzed in here.

    Looking forward to seeing an AVL/APC with a running time model paper from you soon.


    >David Levinson posted: “Jim Pethokoukis at AEI >writes about what Republican transportation >policy should look like. I am glad my ideas are >being embraced by both AEI and the Obama >administration. University of Minnesota >Transportation expert and must-follow blogger Da” >


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