Transfer penalties

True story.

Today a complete stranger came to my house asking for directions to  the Huron Transit Station (I guess to get the 94 downtown to transfer to something, I am not clear what). More accurately, she asked my wife who was outside, who brought her in to the house, where I was.  My house is about 1 mile away from Huron station, so she was a bit lost.

The stranger was going to Richfield. Knowing Huron was a ways away, I went to the MetroTransit app to find directions to this address from where she actually was. The recommended was 3 transfers, but only a few minutes longer was a route that was 2 transfers, which I recommended (67C to Franklin Ave. LRT/Blue Line to Mall of America to the 5L) – which seemed far simpler. Stated time just under an hour. I am guessing the Transit app (website/mobile version) doesn’t penalize transfers the way a normal person (or a mode choice model) would.

I hope she made it.

One thought on “Transfer penalties

  1. The Hipmunk flight app lets you sort by agony, combining price and layovers. Shouldn’t be too hard for MetroTransit to do the same


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