1920-1995 Twin Cities State Highway Network

We have posted some additional historic data online at the University of Minnesota’s Digital Conservancy, representing the 1920-1995 Twin Cities State Highway Network. (This is the data visualized in the movie below)

(Digitized historic 1958 Land use maps are available here) (discussed here).

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Title: 1920-1995 Twin Cities State Highway Network
Authors: Chen, Wei
Levinson, David
Keywords: transportation
Issue Date: 16-Feb-2003
Citation: Chen, Wei and David Levinson. “1920-1995 Twin Cities State Highway Network”. Univ. of Minnesota Digital Conservancy. 2003. http://hdl.handle.net/11299/162818. Accessed: <date accessed>.
Abstract: Vector line data with highway centerlines. Features may have attributes indicating year built and/or year divided. Also includes a PDF illustrating the data.
Description: Illustrates the development of the highway network in the Twin Cities metropolitan region
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11299/162818
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Roads1920_1995.pdf PDF representation of vector data. 128.69 kB PDF View/Open
Roads1920_1995_data.zip GIS data — Single shapefile. 54.08 kB ZIP View/Open
Roads1920_1995_original_data.zip Originally submitted data files. See Roads1920_1995_data for simplified download. 139.12 kB ZIP View/Open
Roads1920_1995_metadata.xml Metadata for highways_l shapefile in XML format. 5.95 kB XML View/Open
Roads1920_1995_notice.rtf Notice included as required for data derived from MetroGIS datasets. 1.49 kB RTF View/Open