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The Low Line

Following on the heels of the successful High Line pedestrian path on a former railroad right-of-way in New York, Pedestrian and Bicycle Planners in Minneapolis are proposing a new subterranean “Low Line” bicycle and pedestrian path beneath an operating railroad right-of-way.Artist's Rendering of What Lies Beneath Minneapolis, The Sites to Behold on Proposed Low Line

While the High Line provides familiar views to easily amused Manhattanites, the new Low Line will give its users an opportunity to see the geological formations on which the city is built, up close, a uniquely educational opportunity. This will thus have educational advantages in training schoolchildren to be the geologists and petroleum engineers of the future.

The alignment for this is planned to be below the Twin Cities and Western Railroad. Planners noted an important advantage, since there is so little traffic on the actual train tracks, the 1 year construction plan for the Low Line will have no noticeable economic disruptive effects.

New York's High Line