Solving climate variability

March 32, 2014

People talk about climate change. Most climate variability is caused by seasonality. The variation of July (the hottest month) and January (the coldest), is nearly 30 degrees C in Minnesota. This dwarfs any of the variation caused by global climate change.


Seasonality is mostly caused by the axis of rotation of the earth, which is 23.5 degrees off. (Not too bad considering Uranus is 97 degrees off, and Venus is upside down … you know what the say, Earth is from Mars and Venus is from Venus).

As you can see the Earth leans left. This explains many of the political problems we have.



In fact, this axis is changing over time, but it is not returning to an inclination angle of 0.

There is in theory a solution to all of this temperature variation, reduce the axis of inclination. If we straightened out, we could have much more uniform temperatures year-round. We would need less annual adaptation. This would save on construction and energy costs big time, itself perhaps enough to avoid climate change.


So how might we straighten the earth? Tractor Beam. Nuclear Bombs, Volcanic Explosions, Give Atlas some pep pills? I believe the answer is the same as how we got here, Asteroid collisions. Harnessing some relatively large Asteroids and colliding them with Earth at the right location should reduce our tiltedness. I have seen many films (based on scientific fact) which have shown teams of aged astronauts go out into space to divert asteroids to avoid earthly collision, it should be a simple matter to divert asteroids to collide with the earth in just the right place. With some trial and error, I am sure we could get it right. This is a job for geo-engineering, astro-physicists, snooker players, astronomers AND astrologers to work on to perfect. (I’m just the ideas guy.) We need a crash program in this, so we can avoid more unnecessary winters.

Of course, all of the animals that have adapted to seasonality would now be un-adapted to unseasonality, but they should have thought of that before evolving.

Side effects include mass extinction and heartburn.