‘The damned blighters will only want to ride more.’

MRW writes in:

Your work on bus stop signs was recently brought to my attention.

Perhaps you have the wrong goals in mind.  If we provide more information to the public, the damned blighters will only want to ride more.  And the motto of most transit undertakings is that “If we can only get rid of the damned passengers, we could run a FINE bus company!”.

I’ve only been in the public transportation business 50 years, and never driven an auto in my life, so I know of what I speak!

It’s almost as if the passengers had certain inalienable rights, like route and schedule information. Of course, most of this is available on electronic devices, so make sure you carry one when waiting for a few hours on a frozen (or 100 degree in Broward County FL) street corner for a bus that may or may not come.  I’ve waited on quite a few of those corners, and never once, on a late Sunday evening, did I see an official of the transit system waiting with me!