Bus stops by Metropolitan Area

As part of some recent investigation about Bus Stops in the Twin Cities, I wanted to find out how many bus stops there are in various cities. Sadly this information has not been pre-compiled on the Web … until now.

This is the first list of bus stops by transit system that I know of. It is of course, incomplete. Feel free to add information in the comments (with references, and system definitions as necessary), I will try to update the list periodically. Also feel free to add this information to Wikipedia to preserve this information for posterity.

World Cities:

  1. London 17,866
  2. Delhi 4,627
  3. Singapore 4,615

North American Cities:

  1. Los Angeles 15,967
  2. New York City 15,000
  3. Dallas 12,500
  4. Twin Cities 12,268
  5. Washington MetroBus 12,000
  6. Chicago 11,493
  7. Toronto 10,173
  8. Houston 9,960
  9. Seattle 9,400
  10. Atlanta 8,978
  11. Boston 8,500
  12. San Francisco MUNI 3,500
  13. Alameda County AC Transit 5,600

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