David Levinson’s Vision of the Future

Reihan Salam at NRO conducts an exegesis, where he deconstructs and comments on my earlier post at: David Levinson’s Vision of the Future :

“University of Minnesota economist David Levinson envisions a future in which per capita vehicle travels falls significantly, bringing traffic congestion down with it. The chief driver of this death of traffic is not the emergence of a new transportation technology, though technology certainly plays a role in Levinson’s scenario. Rather, it is the shrinking of the American workweek coupled with new business models which draw primarily on existing technologies. Though written in an understated style, it is quite entertaining. I recommend reading it in its entirety. A few aspects of his vision struck me as particularly notable …”

My favorite bit: “I find Levinson’s vision of the future refreshingly unromantic.” I am going to add that to my bio.