Special Section: Special Issue on Network Reliability – Transportation Research part C

We hosted the Fourth International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliability in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota in 2010. Some of the papers appeared in a book: Levinson, David, Liu, Henry, and Bell, Michael G.H. editors (2012) Network Reliability in Practice, published by Springer.

Other selected articles from conference appear in a Special Issue of Transportation Research part C, Volume 35, in October 2013. The Table of Contents is below (subscription required).

Special Section: Special Issue on Network Reliability; Guest Editors: Henry Liu, David Levinson and Michael Bell

A portfolio theory of route choice

 Original Research Article
Pages 232-243
David Levinson, Shanjiang Zhu


Journey time estimator for assessment of road network performance under demand uncertainty

 Original Research Article
Pages 244-262
Hu Shao, William H.K. Lam, Agachai Sumalee, Anthony Chen


Dynamic stochastic journey time estimation and reliability analysis using stochastic cell transmission model: Algorithm and case studies

 Original Research Article
Pages 263-285
Agachai Sumalee, Tianlu Pan, Renxin Zhong, Nobuhiro Uno, Nakorn Indra-Payoong


Reliability-based stochastic transit assignment with capacity constraints: Formulation and solution method

 Original Research Article
Pages 286-304
W.Y. Szeto, Yu Jiang, K.I. Wong, Muthu Solayappan


Valuation of travel time reliability from a GPS-based experimental design

 Original Research Article
Pages 305-323
Carlos Carrion, David Levinson