A Great Migration: The Transportationist.org is Moving to WordPress


The Transportationist.org blog is moving (for some of the reasons described in No Comment).

Does this matter to you?

If you use Twitter to read it: No

If you use Facebook to read it: No

If you use LinkedIn to read it: No

If you use Transportationist.org to read it: No

If you use http://blog.umn.edu/levin031 : YES … Go to http://transportationist.org

If you use an RSS feed of http://blog.umn.edu/levin031 from Google Reader or any other RSS Reader: YES … Subscribe to http://transportationist.org/feed/. Also note that Google Reader will be disappearing.

(I use FeedBin and Reeder now).

The old site will be there for a long time to preserve existing links in, but it will not be updated.

Thanks for your patience. Let me know if you spot problems.